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Set of rotary rasps


Set of rotary rasps

Set of rotary rasps
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Type: 8542 90 | Hand-cut Details

Detailed Description

  • Blade:  carbon steel, hardness 49 HRc, hand-cut
  • Hand-cut: Hand-cut rasps function differently from machine cut rasps. They cut faster and leave a surprisingly good work surface because of the excellent surface quality, extra sharpness, and the slightly irregular spacing of their teeth.
  • Use: Rotary hand cut wood rasp for preparing recesses and rapidly removing material from soft and hardwoods. For use in electric drills.
  • Content:

    Type 1 872590
    Type 4 872594
    Type 6 872596
    Type 7 872597
    Type 8 872598
    Type 9 872599

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