We are proud to present to you our newest line of RICHTER bench chisels. They are being released at the 100th anniversary of our factory founded in 1919. Named after our founder Mr. Vaclav Richter, these chisels are made using unique materials, superior heat treatment and the highest quality manufacturing processes to produce the finest chisels available for woodworkers. Every chisel is marked by our trademark RICHTER EXTRA.

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Canvas tool roll

 Type: 8638 00

Bevel edge chisel RICHTER

Type: 8150 | RICHTER

Mortice chisel RICHTER

Type: 8150 | RICHTER


Set of bevel edge chisels RICHTER

Type: 8605 01 | RICHTER

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Set of mortice chisels RICHTER

Type: 8639 00 | RICHTER

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Set of bevel edge chisels RICHTER

Type: 8536 00 | RICHTER

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Set of bevel edge chisels in canvas tool…

Type: 8638 51 | RICHTER

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RICHTER chisel handles are made of domestically and responsibly harvested European Ash wood known for its strength, toughness and attractive grain. The ergonomic handles are sanded and subsequently hand-polished for maximum comfort and control. Solid stainless- steel ferrules protect the handles from splitting, and leather washers absorb the shock of mallet blows.


RICHTER chisel blades are made from the highest quality Chrome Vanadium (Cr-V) steel using traditional drop-forging methods. Blades are then hardened, cryogenically treated and tempered to achieve a minimal hardness of 62 HRc. Subsequent fine-grinding and polishing ensure a mirror-like surface with ultra-thin sides allowing reach into tight spaces, making them the perfect tool for dovetailing. The backs are ground flat to our smallest production toler- ances, requiring minimal flattening during initial sharpening. The front bevel is ground at 24°. A secondary micro-bevel is advisable depending on how the chisel is used.


The supplied edge guard should always be used when chisels are not in use to prevent dam- age to the sharp cutting edge and for user protection. Our RICHTER chisel box is perfect for safe storage; however, tool rolls are also available. As with any kind of tool steel, the blades can rust when unprotected. Always protect the blades from rust with oil, wax or other corrosion inhibitors.

Lifetime guarantee

Our products come with a lifetime guarantee. In the case of a manufacturer defect in mate- rial, design or construction, a free replacement or repair will be provided. This guarantee will be void and compensation will not be made if products are damaged due to carelessness, neglect or inappropriate use. 

New catalogue

New catalogue

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Chisels Production

Chisels Production

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